change consultancy

From time to time organizations may pursue a change that employees have little or no experience with: while the “what” (the goal) is usually well-defined, the “how” of the change is often less clear – let alone easy.

The questions that arise may range from “how do we go about this?”, to “what is the best way to communicate?” and “how do we make sure that the change actually sticks?”. Questions that come with significant changes such as major reorganizations or the more elusive process of culture change.

With my extensive experience in (and ideas about) leading change in organizations I coach and advise managers, management teams and project or program managers during these change processes. We establish the way I support you based on your questions and needs: for example, individual coaching or team support, workshops or sparring and mentoring sessions (one-time or recurring).

I am also a photographer. I regularly use visual language, creativity and photography as instruments in team support or workshops.

Contact information: +31 6 5196 8172 ⚬