practical information

IMPORTANT Corona/COVID19 update: individual coaching conversations are conducted online only, via Zoom. Intake conversations can also take place by telephone. For more information follow this link.

You are considering coaching, and through a recommendation, LinkedIn or Google you found me. How do we proceed now?


We always have an intake meeting first. You can you tell me more about your question or dilemma at that meeting. We will determine whether coaching is indeed the right method to work on your questions and goals. And last but certainly not least, whether I am the right person to guide you in finding an answer to your questions! I will also explain my coaching approach, and tell you what you can expect from a coaching program. The intake can take place by telephone, or online via Zoom (preferred) or Skype. The intake is free-of-charge and will take 30-45 minutes.

When we agree to start a coaching program, I will draw up a contract (with agreements about the number of sessions, location and tariff etc.). If your employer pays the cost of coaching, I will submit the contract to your employer. Once the contract has been signed, we can start the program and we will make an appointment for the first session.

Call me (06 5196 8172) or send me an email ( to arrange an intake meeting

The coaching program

The coaching program starts with converting your question into a learning goal: what do you want to achieve by the end of the program? Throughout the program you will work towards achieving your learning goal. As a coach, I will guide and support you through this process. I will use my professional backpack filled with interventions and working methods. We will get together for sessions* (max. 1.5 hours). Between the sessions, you will continue to work to achieve your goal (through ‘homework’ or better: learning assignments). The coaching program will be finished once you have reached your goal (you found your answer).

Trust and confidentiality are the basis of our cooperation. Subject to compliance with good professional practices and provided there is no conflict with legal requirements or other obligations, any particulars concerning you or the nature and extent of the matters that are the subject of the coaching program will not be made public, unless you expressly agree.

* The number of sessions may vary, sometimes one is sufficient. An average coaching program might last from 3 up to 6 sessions.

A comprehensive ‘user guide’ for the coaching program can be found here.

What are the costs of coaching?

There are two rates: business and private. I will charge the business rate in case your employer pays or when you are an entrepreneur yourself.

The business rate for a coaching session is €165, – excluding 21% VAT. The private rate is €165, – including 21% VAT. A coaching session takes max. 1.5 hours.

These rates apply when the sessions take place in Amsterdam (at your office – Corono proof) or online (via Zoom). When we meet at a location outside of Amsterdam, I will add a surcharge for travel expenses. Any costs of renting an external coaching location (in or outside Amsterdam) will also be borne by the client.