coaching program user guide

In this ‘user guide’ I have explained a number of matters I find important for you to be aware of before we begin with the coaching program. It concerns practical information and – even more importantly in my opinion – what you can expect from me as a professional coach. It also sets out your own responsibility during this process.

Practical information

During the coaching program we will meet each other for a agreed number of sessions (usually between three and six sessions), each lasting up to (max.) 90 minutes. There is an option to extend the number of sessions once the maximum has been reached, if need be. This will only happen after consultation and with the permission of your employer.

We will always agree the times and locations of the coaching sessions in consultation.

Naturally, it can happen that a planned coaching session has to be cancelled and rescheduled by one of us due to an unforeseen situation or circumstances beyond our control. In this event, we will of course inform each other as quickly as possible. I can be reached via my mobile telephone (06 5196 8172) or e-mail

What you can expect from me

The coaching program will be carried out by me under the strictest confidentiality. Subject to compliance with good professional practices and provided there is no conflict with legal requirements or other obligations, particulars concerning you or the nature and extent of the matters that are the subject of the coaching program will not be made public, unless you expressly agree.

What can happen, however, is that I make use of material or specific cases from the sessions for training, study or peer-to-peer learning purposes. However I will never disclose your identity and personal details.

The resources (interventions) that I will use are tailored to the personal themes covered in the sessions and consist of reliable and validated instruments.

If at any point during the coaching program I suspect that there are matters or medical conditions that do not fall within my sphere of activity or field of expertise, I will make this known to you. If necessary or desirable, I will refer you to a person or organization that can support you better at that moment. In this situation, we will agree the resulting consequences for the program together.

I will use your personal information (name, email address etc.) exclusively for my own activities. You can read the full privacy statement of scherpte diepte Consultancy here.

I attach great importance to making good progress in the sessions and the program as a whole. That is why evaluation is important. After each session I will ask: “What went well?” and “What could be better or different?”. Halfway through the program we will review the goal(s) to ensure their continued relevance (are we still going in the right direction?). At the end of the program I will also ask you to fill in an evaluation form (how did you experience the entire program?).

Your own responsibility

You will get a great deal more out of the program if you do not only work on your coaching goal(s) during the sessions. So I will undoubtedly give you ‘homework’ assignments to carry out in the time between sessions. I will not look over your shoulder to check whether you actually do your homework. It is and remains your program. And that means it is your own responsibility to invest the time and energy needed to achieve your goal(s).

As coach I do not give any advice concerning decisions or changes to be made in someone’s life. My role is to guide and support people during their own change process and when making their own choices – the choices are yours. As part of this, a broad range of possibilities may be discussed to support the process of increasing your insight and awareness. At all times, you remain responsible for your own choices, behavior and resulting consequences.

All exercises, programs, models and other materials or documents, regardless of their nature, which are provided to support the coaching program remain at all times my intellectual property. If you would like to use any of this material, please ask (I rarely say no).

A final word

A coaching program may be an exciting or tense experience and it is almost always an intensive process. Although a clear objective is in principle the starting point, the path to achieving this objective is not fixed in advance. And that can lead to surprises along the way – they may be pleasant, unexpected or not necessarily what you might have wished. With an open attitude and trust as the basis for our collaboration, you can count on me to do everything I can to guide you on that path.