Almost home. Almost reached the end of my morning walk. And suddenly I see something I never saw before. A cruise ship seems to be pulled by a rainbow. Quite a sight. I take a moment to enjoy the view (and take a picture). And yet, I see more than just a rainbow.

I see change.

I see a cruise ship arriving in Amsterdam early morning. It has just rotated 180 ° in the center of river ‘t IJ (the turn is needed to be able to navigate back to the Northsea upon departure). And is now on its way to dock at the Passenger Terminal.

I feel annoyed. And I feel resistance.

The municipality of Amsterdam has decided to build a bicycle and pedestrian bridge between Amsterdam Center and Amsterdam-North. And the starting point of that bridge will be exactly on the route of my morning walk, at the far end of the Java-eiland. I foresee that due to the construction of the bridge my regular morning walk route will be unavailable for a quite a while. I will have to adjust my route, the routine I like so much.

I feel melancholic.

It is already known that the bridge cannot be built in such a way that the cruise ships can pass underneath. This means that the cruise ships can no longer make their 180 ° turn on the river ‘t IJ. In fact, the municipality has also taken the decision to move the Passenger Terminal for cruise ships to the harbor area in the Western part of Amsterdam. And along with the cruise ships the chance of ever seeing this image again will disappear. Watching the ships making their turn early morning.

And then.

Then I realize that this change, the construction of this new bridge, will enable the possibility of an entire new morning walk route. Suddenly, I can add Amsterdam-North to my route. Crossing the bridge and back again. Instead of turning left, I can take a right turn. A new route, a new routine.

I continue walking.

I realize that halfway the bridge, at its highest point, the sunrise over the river ‘t IJ will undoubtedly present some beautiful views. As I am not really a fan of heights, I will have to overcome some of my fear when standing still halfway to take a picture. I already fear I might drop my phone in the water.

I am cautiously optimistic.

Fortunately, one thing is certain: at least I will have enough time to get used to this change. The construction is not scheduled to start before 2020 (if not later). Moreover, large construction projects of the municipality of Amsterdam often have the tendency to finish way after the original scheduled date (and way more expensive).

Anyway, my morning walk routine will not end any time soon. And each morning walk will be different.

There will always be change. And my routine will change with it.

Barbara van Schaik

coaching ○ change consultancy ○ photography

Photography © 2017 Barbara van Schaik