consultancy & photography

Welcome! I am Barbara van Schaik. I am an independent management consultant. My expertise and focus are change and leadership issues at both individual as well as organisational level. My focus is the human side of change. Or, as I see it: the ‘hard side of soft’.

I have (international) experience in all aspects of change management leadership: organizational change, restructuring, implementing and optimizing systems, process optimization, outsourcing/offshoring, culture change and coaching.

I am used to working across borders (including virtual ones) and cultures in (complex) matrix structures. I have worked in both large and small organizations, profit and non-profit, where the core business is the dissemination of knowledge, information and culture (publishing, media and library). I am fluent, written and verbal, in both English and Dutch.

Assignments where I can add value and that make me thrive include for instance: setting up and contributing to change programs, mentoring and coaching leaders and management teams, teambuilding workshops, facilitating (management) team meetings, or contributing to a leadership program as a teacher or coach. As well as more analytical assignments such as product/customer research and data analyses or developing plans for implementation of vision and strategy.

The blogs I regularly write (mostly in Dutch though) are the outlet for my ideas and thoughts on leadership and change (and associated topics). They reflect my style and way of working: empathetic, analytical and with a sense of humor.

I am also a photographer and scherpte diepte Photography is the other branch of the same tree. In fact, it was photography that provided the inspiration for my company name ‘scherpte diepte Consultancy‘: the Dutch translation for the photography term ‘depth of field’ is ‘scherpte diepte’.

I regularly use visual language, creativity and photography as instruments in team support and workshops*. In addition, part of my time is exclusively dedicated to my photography: in particular documentary and portrait photography. I focus on a number of themes, such as my long-term project Modern Living – about the new housing estates in and around Amsterdam and Almere. Another series, * Footnote (The Netherlands at its most Netherlandish), has resulted in an exhibition in 2020 – on view in a virtual gallery.

*I offer workshops for leadership development and teambuilding: Portrait of a Leader (coaching and photography), Workshop Portrait Photography (teambuilding) and Workshop Zoomtrait (teambuilding for virtual teams).

In 2016 I completed the NOBCO EQA certified training ‘Coach-the-Coach’.

Contact: +31 (0)6 5196 8172 ○