“Als de lente komt dan stuur ik jou tulpen uit Amsterdam”

Or so the song goes. In Dutch that is. The English version says it slightly differently:

“When it is Spring again, I will bring again tulips from Amsterdam”

Of course only those speaking both English and Dutch will notice the differences.

Though I am a Dutch native speaker I spent almost 20 years of my career in a bilingual (English and Dutch) environment. This led to funny situations sometimes, such as a group of Dutch managers communicating in English throughout an entire meeting. Realizing only at the end of the meeting they could have spoken Dutch…

Nowadays, this bilingual ‘education’ allows me to provide (executive) coaching support to those who are (temporarily) based in The Netherlands for work and who are not fluent in Dutch. And who feel more at ease communicating in English when embarking on an individual coaching program.

For those who are faced with work-related questions and dilemmas, individual coaching can be an excellent tool to continue a career path with fresh insights and new energy.

The issues may differ in nature: from “how do I deal with …?” to “what do I want?” and “how do I do that?”. The common denominator is always that the one asking the question has the desire to find the answer. A step that almost without exception will result in change, however small. Professionally and personally.

I coach managers (from beginners to executive level) and specialists (such as program managers or staff executives) during this change process.

I am a member of NOBCO, the Dutch Council of Professional Coaches (part of EMCC– the European Mentoring and Coaching Council). I comply with the NOBCO Code of Conduct and complaints procedure. In 2016 I completed the NOBCO certified training ‘Coach-the-Coach’.

Are you interested in individual coaching – in English?

Feel free to contact me: +31 (0)6 5196 8172 or info@scherptediepteconsultancy.nl, or have a look here.

And in case you are wondering what that unpronounceable Dutch company name means: I am not just a coach and change consultant. I am also a photographer. And it was photography that provided the inspiration for my company name: the Dutch translation for the photography term ‘depth of field’ is ‘scherpte diepte’.  

Fotografie: © 2017 Barbara van Schaik